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Book Five: Of Gods and Titans is now finished!

Lords of Kobol - Book Five: Of Gods and Titans -- FREE -- The universe of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica has gotten larger and the story of the Lords of Kobol isn't over yet.

In Book One, we saw the gods in their golden age. In Book Two, we learned of their coming to Kobol. In Book Three, their dominion ended and mankind fled their presence. Here, in Book Five, we find them at their creation, the children of Titans.

Zeus and the Olympians are just one part of a world populated by Cronus and his brethren, a Caesar bent on power and longer life, and metal Cyclops who cast off their shackles in the name of freedom. And unknown to any of them, The One True God and its Messengers seek to preserve humanity in the face of doom.

This is the stunning prequel to all that has happened before and all that will happen again. There is a Plan and questions will be answered.

"I absolutely LOVED it!!"
-- Zack W

Go to Smashwords HERE and download Book Five for FREE!

Now available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Versent Books!